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linux – system info commands

getent passwdshow list of users
idcurrent username
wlogged on users
who -aextra user information
last -alast users logged on/in
cat /etc/issueshow information about os
cat /etc/*release*show more os information
cat /proc/versionshow kernel info
uname -ashow kernel info + cpu info
pkginfoshow installed packages on Solaris
dpkg –get-selectionsshow installed packages on Ubuntu
dpkg -I *.debinstall Debian package
rpm –query -allshow installed packages on Redhat
rpm -ivh *.rpminstall rpm package
ps -efshows all the processes
kill <pid>kill the process with id <pid>
$PATHshows the path
PATH=$PATH:<path>add <path> to path
which <program>show the location for <program> (ex: bash)
df -hdisk usage
mountlist mounted file systems