In this rapidly digitizing world, protection of personal and company data is becoming more urgent than ever before. We can help prevent hacks or if it’s too late, help determine what went wrong and fix it.

Web Security Map
Our team has participated in making the internet a cleaner and safer place. The open sourced non-profit project of the internet cleanup foundation has shown governmental institutions that their websites aren’t secure.

After three years of development, and seeing the government actively use the product, we noticed that there is great value for the private sector as well. Multinationals and businesses with a large collection of domains and subdomains should check if their data and the data of their clients is managed properly.

To show the rest of the company how your websites perform, we have plotted the risk of your websites on a map that is visible and understandable by all departments. This way your complete company will sense the urge of improving your security.

Security audits
Our extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity enables us to analyze, break, fix and improve your company’s security. We are able to pen test your code to prevent attacks or if it’s too late, we can show you what went wrong and make it better.

Interested in making your company safe?