Before the birth of 7io, compliance made several of our activities more complex. But with the knowledge and products we have today, we see compliance as an opportunity instead of a blockade.

A KYC Solution that is made to last.
Nowadays client onboarding can be done quickly, but has it been done properly? Blanco’s new KYC platform enables financial institutions to onboard clients beyond the level of expertise that the regulator requires.

Banks, Asset managers, Cryptocurrency brokers, Custodians and other financial institutions each have their own requirements when it comes to their KYC and AML procedures.
Blanco’s platform enables each type of financial institution to customize their client intake, client file and monitoring frequency exactly as they require. This saves costs for the business and time for the clients.

Combined with our expertise of structuring internal procedures that have proven to be sufficient by the Regulator in several European countries, we can assure that any business’s compliance department will be ready for what comes next.

The new framework for Cryptocurrency companies
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AMLD5 will have a serious impact on crypto brokers, custodians and other financial institutions in Europe. By structuring internal procedures and combining them with Blanco’s KYC platform, cryptocurrency companies will be future proof and covered for anything their banks or regulators require.

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